2 GODROLLS?! WHAT?! |Fallout 76 | Power Fist Persuit FINAL EPISODE

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THE FINAL Episode. ITS BEEN A LONG SERIES! BUT its time to finally finish it off! I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TOO ALL of you for all the kind words all the support and all the love to this series! I'm sad to say its finally over but I'm happy to finally have my Bloodied 40% Faster Swing Speed +1 Str Power Fist! BUT I ALSO ROLLED A BLOODIED 50% EXTRA CRIT! +1 STR Power fist! IF YOU THINK I SHOULD GIVE THAT WAY LEMME KNOW in the comments below!

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All these people all Inspire me in someway or are role models/ have impacted my life in a postive manner.
The Yogscast an Pewdiepie I grew Up watching as a Child and Pewdiepie is a Role model for me even today. His character an Resilence is something I highly Respect. SOG or Muda is just an awesome an Chill Guy who wants to help the community he's in an triess to spread aware of Internet issues whilst being a genuinely entertaining guy!
Cr1TiKaL is a Genius when it comes to Humorous content and His words about doing what he wants in one of his podcasts an not being what everyone else wanted him to be got to me on a strong level and inspired me! (their podcast episode with pewdiepie as a guest from 2017)

Scott Jund was shown to me by a friend I knew for months even though that friend wasn't the best to me, him showing me Scott was one of the most impactful things ever! I myself am a very ill individual and see Scott go on an keep streaming, making videos when he is also quite sick only makes me believe I can do the same!

I could go on but I think I've sucked off my Favourite content creators enough! Go check them out if you haven't!

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