Alissa Henson - Memoirs Of A Mage - Witcher Lore

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Another Gwent Journey has come to an end, this time the journey was all about Alissa Henson and the education she received at Aretuza.
We get to meet characters from long ago, many famous magic users like the sorceress who founded Aretuza, Klara Larissa de Winter as well as the first Nordling mage, Jan Bekker.
and that is not to mention the information we have gotten about how the school of Aretuza operates.
As well as the tie-in to previous journeys.

If you have suggestions for other characters or places leave them in the comments.

Sources used in this video include Gwent card art, the Witcher Wiki(to find sources), Witcher gameplay, information from the books, and my own speculation.

The music used is from the witcher games.

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