Assassin's Creed Infinity - Official Announcement

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Assassin's Creed Infinity official announcement has just been made by Ubisoft which is said to be the new game after AC Valhalla. Now Ubisoft has said that this will be a Live service game which will last forever with changes to the map, story and more to be added as a seasonal content, similar to games like GTA Online and Fortnite. It seems like Ubisoft has taken assassins creed to a whole new level now with the live service thingy and enabling a new way of exploring the history and generating an ever lasting amount of revenue to keep the franchise going. After the huge success of AC Valhalla Ubisoft has now come to a conclusion that they will no longer continue the old ways of releasing these creed games and will now stick with one forever. Now this could also mean that we might be seeing a new assassins creed online live service title as well, Who knows? For More videos make sure to stay subscribed.

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