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【Introduction】The heroin in 2008 found that her scrapped cell phone turned on automatically in an unusual thunderstorm and received a text message dated 2019, which opened a mysterious time channel to communicate with people in the future. The hero in 2019 changed the heroine’s bad lucks through the time machine, allowing her to open up the way to the top of her life. At the same time, he also wanted the heroine can rewrite his life’s biggest regret: saving his father who passes away accidentally 10 years ago. But the rewriting of history produced a butterfly effect that resulted in the death of the heroine. The hero in 2019 managed to get back to his age of 18 to relive his high school days and eventually save the heroine.

【Cast】Patrick Shih, Amy Chen Haoyu, Gao Mao Tong, Gao Qiu Zi, Yang Gen, Xu Wan Ting

《First Love Again》
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