Episode 13: Jeremy Dipsh$& Dewitte: That -37 Moment & Metro State K-9 Unit. ????

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Florida Statute on Wiretapping:

⭐️Jeremy Dewitte is a Serial Police Impersonator, Sex Offender along with Tons of other Felonies such as Wire Tapping, Sex with a Minor, Aggravated Assault and much more!! Dipshit Dewitte is facing 85yrs in Prison with 20 pending

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⭐️Florida State Statute on Funeral Escorts:

⭐️Florida State Statute on Convicted Felons:

⭐️Thank You for watching!!! Many more to come. Jeremy Dewitte is the owner of a Funeral Escort Company called Metro State Vehicle Protection in Orlando, FL, however is facing 85 years in Prison for Numerous charges of Impersonating a Law Enforcement Officer.

⭐️Jeremy Dewitte’s FL Rap Sheet:

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