Fallout 2 Empty Handed JINXED/IRONMAN/HEAVY HANDED/FOG OF WAR. Hardest modes (PART II practice)

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St (7), P (10), End (10), Cha (10), Int (1), Ag (1), L (1)
JINXED + Heavy Handed
Doctor, Barter, Outdoorsman


L3 Bonus HtH Damage, L6 Bonus HtH Damage, L9 Bonus HtH Damage, L12 HtH Evade, L15 Living Anatomy, L18 Bonus HtH Attacks, L21 Tag!


-Intelligence, Agility, and Luck MUST be set to one.
-Charisma MUST be ten
-MUST be Jinxed
-MUST have Heavy Handed
-MUST beat Frank Horrigan to death bare knuckle
-MUST keep both item slots EMPTY at all times.
-No spamming on maps. MUST wait one full second.
-No moonwalking
-MUST have authority to warp. No warping behind enemy lines. GAME OVER
-No spamming while random encounters load. GAME OVER
-Reload after crash is ok
-No perk rollovers.
-Reloading if Highwayman dissapears is a GAME OVER.
-New Reno map locations must be entered manually at first by walking to them.
After that, when you have the new location on your map, may you warp to them.
-Warp at your own risk. If it causes a game problem either get your game back on track without reloading, or GAME OVER.
-Failed warp zone spawn warped onto spaceship, inside a wall, blank screen, etc. is a GAME OVER.
-Any intentional use of sprite sharing is a GAME OVER*
-Record keyboard, and mouse clicks.
*If the game's sprite shares ( Vault 15 & Slavers), you can use PipBoy to take advantage of it.


Fallout 2 ( download) Fresh install on 4-13-21
SFALL (Maybe came with GOG download) 4-13-21


-"Use the 'A' button" Means using the "A" button to make sudden moves around obstacles, and opponents. Wait at least one full second between uses.

-"Jet Trick": One of my greatest contributions to Fallout 2. The trick of tricks. A potent status debuff.

-"Jet Stealing" is a technique I developed to steal, and to plant items with utter ease. Not the same as "stealing from a compromised sprite".

-"Jet bug" is a phenomenon That I single-handedly detected and debugged. The bug prevents the negative effects of jet addiction from happening. This is cheating. Watch my video on "The Jet Bug".

-"Stealing from a compromised sprite": Stealing or planting items on a sprite that has been given drugs. Makes stealing/planting easier, but NOT a guarantee. Not "Jet stealing".

-"Sharing" is a phenomenon whereby giving a drug to one sprite causes several nearby sprites to be effected by the drugs as well. There is much left to learn about it. Works on human, and animal sprites, as I discovered.

-"Stash" specifically means to drop drugs outside the Vault City gate. This is done to enter the city with a permit.

-"Smuggle": Bringing contraband into Vault City via a permit entry.

-"Spamming" in Fallout 2 means to rapidly press the "A" button to either prevent random encounters from assigning aggros, or to get past enemies on a map by preventing them from becoming aggressive. This is cheating.

-"Debugging": Another concept that I developed. In Fallout 2 terms it means to trick the Vault 15 soldiers to use their drugs early in the fight. Then quickly exiting via elevator. Then resting for 48 hours to remove the positive effects of the drugs from the Vault 15 soldiers. I discovered this.

-"Resetting": Reentering town from the world map at a certain time to guarantee NPC's are where they're supposed to be. Another concept that I developed.

-"Picking": Use of trees, and other obstacles to interfere with enemy movement,
so they burn up their action points. Another concept that I developed.

-"Cage" is the cashroom in the Redding casino.

-"Discover" is to find all the locations on a map. That way you can warp to those
locations later to save time. The precursor to all warps.

-"Warp" is using the number buttons to jump to certain areas on a map.

-"Warp bugging": Warping can cause the "Highwayman bug", and maybe others.

-"Warping behind enemy lines": An illegal warp. Warping to an undiscovered area of a map, or behind forcefields without previous access.

-"Do-si-do": Yet another development of mine. A carefully choreographed procedure to get into the basement of New Reno Arms without using a lockpick, or explosives.

-"Fixing" means to enter a map area WITHOUT warping, or by using the "T" button on the world map to select a map area. This process prevents the "Highwayman bug" from happening, but only protects against the bug on the map your currently on. For example, going from New Reno to the Stables, you would first "Fix" into New Reno.

-"Frag in": Dropping explosives at your feet as a last ditch effort to survive the unsurvivable. Works great against wolves.

-"Analog" has a duel meaning. (1) Means to use in game tools to either fix, or overcome bugs "he debugged analog". (2) Refers to playing the game "Empty Handed" "He played analog".

-"Juice the weasel"
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