Fallout 2d20: Survival Part Two: Sleep, Exposure & Disease. Learn to Play Series TTRPG by Modiphius

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This is Part 2 of Survival for the Fallout 2d20 Tabletop RPG by Modiphius, this video covers Sleep, Exposure to Extreme Heat and Cold, and Disease!

This video is a continuation of a Learn to Play Series I'm putting together for the game.

*NOTE* This video covers material that uses mechanics discussed in detail in my previous videos such as the basics of combat, skill tests, action points and luck. To learn more about these check the other videos on my channel!

Future videos in the series will discuss in greater detail different aspects of the game and expand on subjects already covered, explaining how they all tie together.

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Modiphius Entertainment or Bethesda Softworks. I am a huge Fallout and Tabletop RPG fan and am making these videos in my free time because I'm excited for the release and want to help folks interested in the game that aren't familiar with the 2d20 system. If I miss something or don't get something quite right, please let me know! You can email me or you're welcome to comment on the video! Any feedback is incredibly helpful and encouraged :)
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