Fallout 4 - Overpowered HALO Guns

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On second thought, let's not use UNSC firearms. They are silly weapons.


Mods used:
** No, this isn't really multiplayer. It's just video-editing magic.

A Cannibal in Concord
Ada2Human Redux
Animated Radaway
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Armorsmith Extended
Assaultron Ada Parts
Better Sneaking
Better Pipers Red Trenchcoat
Blood Rose Companion
Bobble Girl Slooty
BoS Airport Cleanup Project
Cha-ching SFX Remover
Courier Duster
Craftable Ammo
Critical Hits Outside of VATS
Deadlier Deathclaws
Decreased Automatron Encounters
Destiny 2 Scout and Pulse Rifles
Diamond City Expansion
Docile Radstags
Easy Hacking
Eating Off the Floor
Eli's Armor Compendium
Ellen the Cartographer
Enclave Operator
Enough about Settelments Already
Extended Dialogue Interface
Fallout 4 Seasons
Faster Terminal Displays
General Atomics Clean up Project
Get out of my face
Glowing Hancock Glowing Eyes
Goodneighbor cleanup
Heather Casdin Companion
Heckler and Koch MP5
High FPS Physics Fix
High Res Black Face Fix
I'm Darlene
Increased Settler Population
Ketaro's Treasures
Killable Children
Laser Musjet Pop Goes the Weasel
Let's Dance
Lore-Friendly Ghoul Eyes
Lowered Weapons
Military MREs
M3D Sig Sauer
Misriah Armory
Mod Configuration Menu
Ms Abominations
No Health Crippled Popups
No more perk popups
No negative affinity
No screen blood splatter
No ugly plants and things
No VATS overhaul
Outcasts and Remnants
Padded Red Vault Suit
Perk Magazines
Pip-Boy Flashlight
Pleasant UI
Plutonium Creatures
Power Armor Fast Exit
PreWar Binoculars
Pride Flags
Project Valkyrie
Quiet Dogmeat
Quieter Settlements
Raider Overhaul
Realistic Cippled Limbs
Realistic Survival Damage
Russian Assault Pack
Scavver's Toolbox
Settlers of the Commonwealth
See Thru Scopes
Silent Protagonist
Start Me Up
Tales from the Commonwealth
Beantown Interiors
Thorn - Wishes of Sorrow
True Storms
Unique Companion Framework
Unofficial Fallout Patch
Valentine Reborn
War of the Commonwealth
Wasteland Imports
Wattz Laser Gun
We Are The Minutemen
Wearable Backpacks and Pouches
Welcome to Goodneighbor
WM Service Rifle

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution License
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