Fallout 76 News: CAN MODS GET YOU BANNED? Vault 96, Custom Modes, MOD Support & Valentines Day Event

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Subscribe ???? Can mods get you banned? MOD Support, Custom Modes, Vault 96 hints, Perk Loadout hints & more

Original Vault 96 interior:

Photos from: Techblaze2:
Credit to InnovSurvivalist for Perk Loadout photo:

•Top CAMP Builds:

00:00 Start
00:16 Custom Modes Theories
3:30 MOD Support
5:24 Can you get banned for using mods?
7:52 Vault 96 returning soon
8:48 Valentines Day Events
9:31 Fallout 76 is both Single Player and an MMO

Interviews with Bethesda devs:

Extra interview about MOD support:

Valentines Day possible rewards:

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