Fallout 76 Sony Saturday (PS4) Camps, Score & So Much New Content! Followed By Twitch After Dark

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????I'm still pretty laid up from surgery complications so we have to be chill. I'll visit camps, work on the scoreboard, check out the new stuff and just hang out. No big fights this time. I really have to take it easy. You can join us on Playstation tonight. My PSN is Miz_Tracey. Otherwise, I hope to see you in the live chat!????
We will also be switching over to Twitch for the "After Hours" portion of the stream! -With more music and less maturity.
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❗⭐My stars are back! You can still donate via Youtube, Paypal or the GoFundMe that Wreck It Renee started for me. You'll just have to have me check my phone to see it midstream. Thank you!

Please follow on Twitch too! I'll be streaming mainly over there soon!
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