Fallout: Miami - Fall 2020 Progress Update

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Fallout: Miami is an upcoming mod for Fallout 4 on PC.

We're recruiting!

Summer’s behind us, and we’re back with another Fallout: Miami development update. Hope you all enjoyed the environmental showcase we released recently.
Things have gotten pretty crazy this year, so we hope you and yours are doing as good as possible, all things considered.
Current events haven’t stopped us from working on Miami, and we’re stoked to show you a few of the things we’ve gotten done over the past months.

Written by - K. Constantine
Narrated by - Ezra Wayne
Edited by - Filip Adamczewski

Grim Fandango Song - Garrett Beelow

Tribal Coconut Masks - Marko Lipovac

Slaver Outfits - Oliwia Białek

Gabriel Goodman Concept Art - Annabel Coe

NPC Face Creation - Kota Church
Rovers Outfits - Matthew Stevens

Plants - Mustafa Ali

GasCar Station - Yoshift

GasGar Logo - Oliwia Białek

Center School Sign Concept Art - Annabel Coe

Center Sign - Tom Marrec

Center School Level Design - Hugo Guilbert

Magic City Mementos Sign Concept Art - Annabel Coe

Magic City Mementos Sign - Tom Marrec

Santos Firearms Sign Concept Art - Annabel Coe

Santos Firearms Sign - Tom Marrec

Santos Firearms Level Design - Mika999
Napoleon Room Sign Concept Art - Annabel Coe

Napoleon Room Sign - Matthias Jermutus

Bay of Pigs Painting - Anatoly Muschenko

Cuban Liberation Museum Level Design - Pavel Nowski

Video Edited - Filip Adams
Narration - Ezra Wayne
Script - K. Constantine

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