Fallout New Vegas in Arma 3. Aftermath mod, "Ghost Town Gunfight" mission preview.

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A preview of my upcoming "Ghost Town Gunfight" mission for the Arma 3 mod "Aftermath" which aims to bring Fallout New Vegas to Arma 3.
Currently implemented features are:

- Stealth indicator while crouching, currently showing Hidden/Caution/Danger by the awareness toward the player of enemies

- Disguise system where donning the uniform of a faction will fool them into treating you as a friend

- Player housing where you can save/heal/skip time

- Music script that plays various tracks from the fallout series while wandering, while switching to combat music when in "Danger" mode.

- Basic stopgap skillchecks in the form of magazines, so if you have a speech magazine in your inventory, you can pass a speech check but the magazine is consumed and you must find another for future checks

- A basic campfire crafting system where at the campfires around goodsprings you can combine broc flower and xander root (which is now harvestable around the school and cemetary) into "healing powder" which has no use except for being combined with an empty syringe into stimpaks.

- Lootable dumpsters/mailboxes and pickable items
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