Fallout Talk - Did Bethesda Ruin Power Armor?

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Did Bethesda ruin the Power Armor?

The Fallout series features the power armor, while not the first piece of science fiction to showcase an exoskeleton of incredible production and might, it undoubtedly helped to booster the popular of such a concept.

The T51 originally appeared in Fallout 1 and has been in every single game since then becoming an important part of the Fallout-verse with numerous other power armors to follow. They're an extensive part of the universe, placing their helmet front in center in, almost cover.

With differing developers after the buyout, how much has Bethesda changed the ghouls that were originally developed by Black Isle.

Let's look at just how much the power armor has changed.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Gameplay - Power Armor Damage Resistance
6:27 Gameplay - Fallout 4's Power Armor System
8:20 Lore - Fusion Cores
13:00 Lore - Power Armor Training
14:32 Lore - Frames and Modularity
15:51 Lore - X-01 vs APA vs APA MK II
16:44 Lore - T-51 vs T-60
17:16 Lore - Other Power Armor
17:59 Utilization - Power Armor Treatment
19:44 Final Thoughts
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