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The best server in the FOnline engine has just wiped and started it's fifth season. FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a classic Fallout fans dream when it comes to an MMORPG like take on the core foundation of the classic Fallout games.

FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix is a Fallout MMORPG based on the FOnline engine. It takes you to Phoenix, Arizona, around 2220.

The city miraculously avoided its global destruction during the Great War of 2077, and a well-preserved part of its center remained almost completely unnoticed for almost 150 years. Eventually, a rumor speaking of plentiful resources and intact buildings has been spread into the Wasteland. Independent organizations showed up, preparing themselves for an unavoidable conflict with each other, while stronger forces remain hidden, waiting for the situation to evolve and give them the opportunity to achieve their objectives.

You are a Wastelander, coming to Phoenix for food and adventure. Fortunately, factions there are happily accepting extra manpower in their ranks. Make your choice, and join the battle for the city.

Ashes of Phoenix is a PvP oriented game. It encourages players towards cooperation as well as competition. Recently arrived in Arizona, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a faction composed both of Wasteland characters and other players. In its ranks, you will make your way, explore the Wastes, gather resources, craft gear, barter precious items, gain experience and weapon mastery. Then, you’ll be able to gather with your mates, create new active cells into your faction, explore the city and its undergrounds, face terrifying creatures, control resources, use your sense of diplomacy with other factions and defeat your enemies to become the unique master of Phoenix.

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FOnline: Ashes of Phoenix | Classic Fallout MMORPG Mega-Mod

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