[Gwent] 120 POINTS IN 1 TURN (Deck Guide)

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Hello everyone!

Today marks the release of the final chapter of the Price Of Power Expansion! And with it rain Skellige got quite a few new toys that really take it over the edge as you will see in the gameplay.

With the absolutely absurd point swing of Rioghan and the insane carry over potential of Melusine, you also now have basically old great swords with messenger of the sea offering you basically bronze Dagur Two Blade's.

This deck loves to go into long round 3's but can absolutely still pressure round 2 if you have good Melusine carry over.

Deck List:

Intro + Deck Discussion (0:00)
Game 1 (13:28)
Game 2 (22:36)
Game 3 (33:29)
Game 4 (42:25)

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