[Gwent] Siege!

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Continuing with the experiments on foregoing tutors for point carrying thinning cards, this time with Siege. Siege is another deck that wants to play a bunch of bronzes, between AA and Siege, your topend has a bunch of bronze requirements.

Now, was it any good? Eh, not really. It did go better than the last time we played Siege a season or two ago, but it felt pretty clunky. Madoc, while being nice for thinning and having good bronzes, doesn't complement the Siege plan all that well, and the deck will occasionally have too much damage, especially against the more unit-light decks.


00:00:00 Deadeye
00:10:48 Pockets
00:22:03 Double Cross
00:31:17 Arachas
00:38:57 Hunger
00:48:27 Double Cross
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