Illusion of Volpina | Roblox Miraculous Ladybug Role Play

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Miraculous Ladybug Role Play
Quest of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Lila Rossi be was akumatize and turn to Volpina. Lila always tell lie's to other people. She even tell lies about ladybug.

Marinette got jealous of Lila when she found out that Lila was very popular to other people. On the other part of the story, Adrien saw his father Gabriel Agreste hiding a book.

Plagg open the wall on found a book called Mirraculous Book of Heroes. Adrien took the book and tiki saw it why Lila and Adrien talking in the Library.

Marinette turn to Ladybug and compront Lila about her Lies. Adrien was also there and Lila got really shame because of that. Hawk Moth turn Lila to Volpina. Volpina Show a illusion of Meteorite falling in Paris and she stop it with her power.

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Character in the Video
marinette dupain-cheng as Ladybug
adrien agreste as Cat Noir
Gabriel Agreste as Hawk Moth
Lila Rossi as Volpina
chloe bourgeois
rose lavillant
Juleka Couffaine
Lê Chiến Kim
Sabrina Raincomprix
Alya Césaire
Nino Lahiffe

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