"Just Kissing Is Not Love" - Megha Rao ft Hasan | UnErase Poetry

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"I kiss you like I’m falling in love, and I know, this is where men run away."

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Written & Performed by: Megha Rao
Music by: Hasan.
Curated by: Simar Singh
Shot by: Nishant Thawrani, Aaditi Hirani, Kshitiz Kakodkar
Sound Mixing & Mastering by: Sohaill Gandhi
Sound Recording: Yash Barse
Edited by: Abhishek Bhutwani
Shot at: Brahma Media Studios

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This piece was first featured on Megha's podcast "Poems To Calm Down To".

About UnErase Poetry-
We are a community for promoting and producing spoken word poetry through live performances and online content, based in Mumbai, India.
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