Let's Play Fallout New Vegas - Blind - Part 43 // Executive Override Defunct

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Welcome to a brand-new episode of the Fallout New Vegas Blind Playthrough! In today's episode, I explore H&H Tools Factory and discover something called the Lucky 38 Executive Override

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With this being a Blind playthrough I do not know much about Fallout New Vegas. Nevertheless, this is what I can tell by the backstory we are provided in the intro: Our character, the Courier, was hired by the Mojave Express to deliver a package, an odd-looking Platinum Poker Chip, to the New Vegas Strip. However, on the way to deliver it, we were attacked by a couple of Khans led by a mysterious man in a fancy checkered suit who shot us, said an iconic line, and took the package from our seemingly cold dead hands, then left us for dead in a grave they'd dug. Apparently, a securitron named Victor heard the commotion and waited nearby for them to leave. After they were gone, Victor dug us up and brought us to Doc Mitchell in Goodsprings who then saved our life. After we woke, we ran through some medical tests and were given back our belongings that the Doc and Victor could salvage. Afterward, we set off into the wastes with a score to settle and a Platinum Chip to find.
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