Let's Roleplay Fallout 4 | Ep 19 "Home Again"

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Join me and Ash Cole as we follow his path from the vault and into the future that awaits him. With one burning question in his mind he powers forward "Where is my son!?"


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This won't be a traditional Let's Play of Fallout 4, this play through will be following the life of Ash & I will be playing the game in character. That is right, this means internal dialogue, character development, decisions made by the character, not the player & all the good and grand things that come from playing the game this way.

►Mod List:

Visceral ENB - True Storms Edition

Ojo Bueno Milk Vending Machine
2K Ice Machine
2k Workstation
4K Trash Bin
4k Workshops
Alt Desk Fan
Ammo Can (Storage) Military Green (High)
Ammo Retexture
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Armorsmith Extended
Better Computer Terminals
Better Cooler
Better Crates
Better Dials for Power Armor
Better Doors
Better Reflective Pipe Weapons
Better Settlers
Black Synth Uniform
Chrome Institute Weapons
Chrome Synth Armor
Complete Pack
Crows and Creatures Collection
Curie Replace

Delightful Dead Fish HD
Delmark's Hi-Res Sunglasses
Detailed Synth Eyes Yellow
Double-Barrel Shotgun Polymer Stock
EBT_Standard WIP
Electrical Tower 2K
Eli's Armour Compendium Vanilla Body
Fallout 4 Combat Shotgun and Rifle retexture
FlaconOil BA2 2K
Glowing Animals Emit Light
Gorgeous Glowing Plasma Weapons
High Poly Immersive Bottlecaps
High Vis Industrial Grade FC
Immersive Mouth and Teeth
Improved Fire
Improved Map with Visible Roads
Improved Wood Textures
Industrial Retexture
Jesters Better Bloatflys
Jesters Better Destroyed Vehicles
Jesters Deathclaws
Langleys HD Textures Workshop
Mechanist Armor Retextured 2K
Metal Barrel Retexture
Metal Box 2K Retexture
Nuka-Cola Machine Retexture 4K
Park Benches Retextured
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar
Prydwen 2K Textures
Radiant Birds
Radio All-In-One
Raider Overhaul WIP
Realistic Pool Balls HD-5328
Realistic Pre-War Money 100 (200 Years worm)
Realistic Pre-War Money 20 (200 Years worm)
Red Red Rocket 4K - Worn
Retexture MainFile
Robot Armor Retexture 4K (Black)
Signs 4k
Simple knife retexture
Subway and Library Tokens 1K Faded
Valentine REBORN - HD Retexture - V2 - Blue Eyes
Version pre-relese
Wasteland Creature Redone
Wasteland Salon

Better Quarry Sites
Delightful Ivy - HD Vines Retexture
ElmAtlas and LOD
FAR - Default Resolution
FTO Stars
Nuka World Add-On
Realistic Roads
Remove Interior Fog
The leaves have returned
True Storms - Wasteland Edition
Vivid Fallout - Landscapes - Best Choice
Vivid Fallout - Rocks - Best Choice
Vivid Fallout - Trees - Best Choice

All New Face Pack
All-In-One Better Mod Descriptions
Brighter Settlement Lights
Brighter Wasteland Workshop Lights
Cinematic Sounds - Complete Collection (Installer)
Copyright Free Diamond City Radio Replacer for Let's Plays
Crafting Fury 9000
DYNAVISION - Dynamic Depth of Field
Full Dialogue Interface - All languages
Grim Vaults
Have a beer - animated drinks-
Legendary Lamps - Lights Lamps Pipboy Overhaul
Lots More Facial Hair
Lots More Male Hairstyles
Lowered Weapons
Mod Configuration Menu
No Bethesda and Intro
Realistic Headshots (Legendary)
Reverb and Ambiance Overhaul
See you sleep CW
Silent UI
Silent Protagonist
Sit Anywhere
Snapable Garden Plots
The Beantown interiors Project
The Eyes of Beauty Fallout Kaleidoscope Edition - All-in-One


Fallout 4 Cinematic Cover by Sam Yung

Monetization permission granted by Bethesda Softworks
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