Nintendo Switch Online to Add "Free" DLC of Future Games to Boost Value of Expansion Pack (ft. MVG)

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Nintendo has priced & detailed the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack and the pricing has been a point of contention. While it may not show value in the immediate, the inclusion of Animal Crossing DLC may be an early indicator of their roadmap plans with the service moving forward.

Could Nintendo be positioning the Expansion Pack to provide users with "free" access to future Expansion DLC packs? We discuss how this may be an avenue of consideration & how Nintendo can use it to their benefit.

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0:00 - Start
4:00 - NSO Pricing vs Features
19:30 - NSO Expansion Pack Thoughts
35:00 - Future of NSO & Bundling DLC to Expansion Pack
1:02:00 - Streamlab Questions

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