personal and raw Q&A (self-love, self-confidence, leonardo dicaprio)

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A very personal Q&A

I am so happy to bring you this video today. This is the first time I am trying a longer format for my videos and I'm curious to see if you guys like it like this. Personally, I love watching and listening to long videos when I'm writing or reading. I opened up my Instagram question box the other day for you to ask me any and every question. I couldn't answer all of them of course, but here are a few. I answer some questions about motivation, self-love, self-confidence, and even talk about leonardo dicaprio! Watch on to find out why ;) I hope you enjoy this type of video, I personally always love learning more about Youtubers and I really want my platform to be an open book about my life, and to give my viewer value in some way or another. Hope you enjoy this one! Let me know in the comments what you think

See you on Thursday for my next video!

woof & bisous,
– xenia

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Music intro credit: ‘Every High’ by Kyson (check it out!!! such a good song)

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