RaeLynn - Baby Announcement Photoshoot (feat. "Made For Me To Love" demo)

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Behind the scenes of RaeLynn's PEOPLE exclusive pregnancy announcement photoshoot - featuring a clip of "Made For Me To Love," a song written for her baby girl shortly after she learned the news.

Video By: Katie Heart
Photographer: Katie Kauss
Location: Stormlight Pictures
Set Design: And Delight Reigned
Wardrobe Stylist: Krista Roser
Glam: Jessie Law

Made For Me To Love
Written by RaeLynn, Drew Kennedy and Ben Stennis
When I watched those two pink lines arrive that Wednesday afternoon
It went from me just being me to me being me and you
and baby I just smile think bout your little eyes looking into mine
it’s crazy how it’s like

Like I already met ya,
already held ya
I knew that I loved you before I could tell ya
It was written in the stars
It was tattooed on my heart
You were always meant to be the one
Made for me to love
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