Should You Buy Assassins Creed Origins In 2021? (Review)

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Should you buy assassin's creed origins in 2021?

Assassins creed origins is sort of a soft reboot of the franchise changing pretty much everything including gameplay design level design and narrative structure to try offer a fresh new experience for the franchise but is assassins creed origins worth playing in 2021 when compared to other games in its genre?

Assassins creed origins came out almost 4 years ago and yet it's sequels like assassins creed odyssey and assassin's creed valhala haven't been recived nearly as well as Assassins creed origins all the way back in 2017.

So has the innovations of the sequels hindered assassins creed origins in 2021 or has Assassin's creed origins remained at the top since 2017?

Lets find out

This is my Assassin's creed origins review!

Leave your comments down below if you like or don't like the new changes to the franchise.

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