Snotinghamscire & Order of Ancients | Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Full Playthrough - #12 [LIVE/PS5]

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Arc Timestamps:

00:00:00 - Stream startup & recap
00:02:41 - Start of Snotinghamscire Arc
00:08:58 - Meeting Trygve
00:11:52 - Snotinghamscire Arc
00:22:10 - Meeting Hemming Jarl
00:23:45 - Meeting Vili
00:25:29 - Snotinghamscire Arc
00:48:30 - Conversation with Vili at Kinder Downfall
00:52:21 - Hemming Jarl death
00:55:35 - Snotinghamscire Arc
01:13:05 - Conversation with Exile
01:18:15 - Snotinghamscire Arc
01:39:05 - Draugr Hemming bossfight
01:44:16 - Snotinghamscire Arc
02:03:10 - Hemming Jarl funeral
02:06:42 - Snotinghamscire Arc
02:08:47 - Vili becomes Jarl
02:12:11 - End of Snotinghamscire Arc
02:13:10 - Return to Ravensthorpe
02:15:46 - Assassinating Order of Ancients members
04:59:16 - Finding and fighting Zealots
06:06:22 - Return to Ravensthorpe
06:13:42 - Arrival in Wincestre
06:21:22 - Wincestre Hidden Ones Bureau
06:31:06 - Giving codex pages to Hytham
06:33:16 - Hidden Ones Letter (Bayek's letter to Aya) Reaction
06:41:13 - Stream ending

With the Road to PS5 finished I thought it fitting to return to the roots of the channel and stream some Assassin's Creed. If you are new to the channel I used to make exclusively Assassin's Creed videos but I stopped due to just hating everything the franchise had become. Every few years I return to the series to see how it's doing, Odyssey was not a good game I hated it entirely. To me there are nearly zero redeeming features of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I'm looking forward to jumping in to Assassin's Creed Valhalla as I've already heard good things about it. Anyway, it's time to start our journey into Assassin's Creed's newest adventure :)

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