The Buffoon - Let's Play Fallout: New Vegas (with restoration & graphics mods) #170

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I have only finished New Vegas once, and I got away thinking it was head and shoulders above any other Fallout game. It being an open world game with first person combat does make it a complicated game to make a let's play of, but I'm doing it! So what I'm doing is I'm playing it on stream, over on Twitch, and editing the footage into a full blown let's play. Hopefully you enjoy it, because I know I will!

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Mod list - Check the bottom of the description!

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- - - Mod List (say thank you to Ljung for getting this list for me and telling me how to install it! It is a pain in the butt) - - -
• Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition
• NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash
• NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix
• JIP LN New Vegas Script Extender
• JohnnyGuitar NVSE
• Yukichigai Unofficial Patch - Base Game and All DLC
• Unofficial Patch NVSE
• FNVModLimitFix
• OneTweak for Fallout New Vegas
• UIO - User Interface Organizer
• The Mod Configuration Menu
• A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy
• Vanilla HUD Remastered
• Vanilla UI Plus (New Vegas)
• Better Pickup Prompt
• NMCs Textures NV Large Pack
• NMC New Vegas Patch for ALL Sized packs
• Ojo Bueno Texture Pack for FNV - High
• Ojo Bueno Vending Machine Update High
• Collision Meshes FNV
• Ojo Bueno Texture Pack compatibility
• Improved Heavy Weapons Textures
• Even Better Loading Screens and Main Menu - Butthurt Edition
• Harvestable Cave Fungus
• Hi-Res Chems and Health Retexture Pak
• Improved Robots Textures
• Improved OWB Robot Textures
• Improved LR Robot Textures
• Urban Food Re-tex
• MGs NCR Pack
• BB Cigs
• Beige Pack
• Common globe
• Duct Tape
• Fire hydrant
• New and Improved Meshes by LadySinestro
• LODadditions
• Much Needed LOD
• NMC LOD Patch
• George's Landscape Overhaul 4k
• Wasteland Clothing HD
• Book of Steel
• Original Trooper Texture - by EmeraldReign
• PM's HD Ranger Outfits - 2K
• PM's HD Legion Overhaul - 2K
• BOA NV The Book Of Flesh
• Old World Blues Path Lighting
• PM's HD Ammo Boxes
• The Moon Comes Over The Tower - Restored
• Weapon Retexture Project - WRP
• Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod
• Magazine Redux
• JSawyer Ultimate Edition
• Freeside Open
• Freeside Open Cut Music
• Outside Bets
• Uncut Wasteland plus NPCs. Freeside Open and Outside Bets
• Universal Item Sorter
• Simple Reputation and Disguises
• Audible Bush Sounds
• Beyond the Beef Tweaks
• Convenient Fast Travel
• Camp Gulf Confrontation
• Delay DLC Combined
• Enslaving Arcade bugfix
• Improved Transportalponder
• Lonesome Road True Faction Allegiance
• Fallout Character Overhaul
• New Vegas Redesigned
• QRNVR3 - Qwinn's Refined New Vegas Redesigned 3
• Brave New World
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