The Witcher Season 1 review (No Spoilers!)

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Whats up guys! Welcome to another episode of Quality or Quantity were i do short reviews of series or movies that goes straight to the point, with that said let go straight into it with

The Witcher

The Witcher is set on the beautiful continent set in the fantasy world with history of betrayal, mysterious monsters and magic.
The states that make the continent is controlled by kings and queens in the era of swords, horses, ballads and songs.
You will follow multiple storylines that has different timelines but paying attention to small details should make it less confusing and more enjoyable!
The main characters will go through the hardships of war and death, but also experience love and thrilling adventures.
We're put in the middle of the story of Gerald of Rivia in his action filled life of killing monsters for coin.
Gerald is a Witcher, a mutated human with superhuman speed, endurance and a tolerance for strong elixirs and potions that enhance his capabilities.
They have yellow, crisp catlike eyes to help them see in the dark but unlike other Witchers, Gerald also has white hair and pale skin nicknaming him the "white wolf".
His dry humor, confidence and intelligence makes him an interesting character that is straight forward and blunt making him very entertaining to follow.
Gerald : A shitless death, but i doubt it
Theres few and far between Witchers, which is why their lore and history is mostly unknown, making them disliked and misunderstood by the common people.
Every episode has a new story that reveals new history and slowly builds the characters while following a red thread,
that thread become more and more clear the deeper you get into the adventures of each unique storyline, obviously in the same world even tho they seem very different at first.
The first episode is enough to recognize what the Witcher is about, but to truly understand where it's going you should atleast watch a few episodes to get a propper overview of this show.
After the initial introduction of the storylines and characters, i feel like the story flattens, and its being rushed. The Witcher series is still very interesting and its not obvious whats gonna happen next.
Theres not many surprising moments and i dont think it will keep you on your toes at all times, but the main characters is interesting enough that you want to know what happens next.
I havent seen any other shows like the Witcher, theres some similarities with other series but in my opinion theres enough here to make this a quality show, its not amazing or the most unique show tho.
The Witcher is based on the short stories by the polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, i have not read the books but from my research there are distinct differences.
The Witcher is unique and entertaining enough to be a quality show, but the storylines become messy because of the different timelines,
and many would have to watch it twice to catch the full story but im not sure its worth watching it twice.
Having to pay attention is nice, but it almost like it feels forced for it to make sense. But i am looking forwards to the next season.

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Creator of The Wticher : Lauren Schmidt - daredevil
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The Witcher
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