Weekly Mods Showcase 2021 - Awesome Assault Rifles - Fallout 4 || P94 Plasma, Bren LMG, IMI Galil

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Hey Scrubs, its Retro.

This is a showcase of some groovy mods I saw and wanted to try out on the Nexus this week. I enjoyed creating this content, so if you enjoy it, leave a like and consider subscribing to let me know you want to see more.

If you want to see some of my F4 gameplay, let me know you want to see more of it.

Mods Featured:

Bren Fallout London LMG -

Galil Assault Rifle -
P94 Plasma Rifle -

ESP Explorer here -

Cross Crit Goreverhaul here -

Sim Settlements 2 guide:

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