Witcher : Enhanced Edition - Playthrough Part 17 - Helping Gramps & Wyvern Island

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We have started Doing Witcher's work in swamp forest, and there is a lot of it.
Clay pits and Cave have been cleared of their monster residents and we have found more of those sephirahs, which are somehow connected to obelisk in the swamp, and the mage tower.
We need to gather all of them and we should be able to gain entry to twer then.
For now, we will help Gramps with his pilgrimage to Melitele

Enjoy, and if you like, comment or subscribe.

0:00 - Quest: A Pilgrimage
15:20 - Swamp Forest
19:25 - Meet The Lumberjacks
24:43 - Swamp Forest
30:04 - Meet The Druids
45:45 - Swamp Forest
48:10 - Wyvern Islands


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